Amortization Calculator for DVC 2 spelt peel and finishing center

The spelt peeling and finishing center DVC 2 pays off.
Compare your costs for contract processing with investing in your own DVC 2.

This calculation provides a simplified result, that is parameters such as labor costs and vehicle costs for transporting spelt to a contract processing center are not deducted.

Spelt input/t

Contract processing EUR/t


Contract processing of spelt


Total cost of contract processing

24000.00 EUR

Investment and operating costs for DVC 2


Payback period for DVC 2

1.65 years


Investment costs for DVC 2

35000.00 EUR

Variable costs depending on operation

2000.00 EUR

Costs for sieves & peelers

744.00 EUR

Energy costs for 400 h machine run time (at 0.35 EUR/kWh)

1960,00 EUR

Total costs of ownership

39704.00 EUR