Machines and finishing centers

Quality without compromise – for the machine and the processed product.

Machines and finishing centers by HORN Technic are based on innovative processes, they consist of high-quality components and they are built meticulously by hand.

Your benefits:
Machines by HORN Technic hold what they promise for many years. Operation and maintenance are trouble-free. They pay off in record time. Your machine will earn ready cash for you.
And the grain will be refined to the highest quality standards. This is a valuable advantage for your own cereals and also for pricing your contract finishing.

DVC2 spelt peel- and finishing center

Our compact all-in-one solution for peeling and separating spelt, emmer and einkorn.

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DVC 1 spelt peel and finishing center

The budget version of our DVC 2.

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FVC 2 flex-finishing-center

Our universal solution for a wide range of legumes and cereals.

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GPM 150 grain polishing machine

For super-clean food grain – removes over 90% of adhering particles.

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HORN HQ line oat crusher

The specialist for crushing malt, spelt or oats. For small and mid-size breweries and grain processors.

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HORN US 1500 line universal sheller

High throughput at minimum power demand. Gentle peeling through impact energy.

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