DVC 1 spelt peel and finishing center

The budget version of our DVC 2.
Performance: up to 850 kg/h of raw material.

The DVC 1 performs three operations at the same time: peeling the raw material, aspirating husks and light parts and separating unpeeled from peeled grains in its integrated tumbling-sieve.

Peeling based on the rubbing principle is a reliable and gentle process. This is also shown by the good germination rate of the peeled product.

The motors at the raw material intake and at the tumbling-sieve are controlled by frequency converters and can be adjusted progressively. In manual operation, up to 850 kg of spelt can be peeled per hour.

  • Unpeeled grains are returned to the intake automatically
  • Husks and light parts are removed through an exhaust line (accessory) of up to 20 m
  • Exhaust fan is lined for wear protection
  • Strong magnet at the raw material intake sorts out metal parts
  • Comes fully wired with a 32A-connector
  • Easy to position, easy to connect
  • Wear parts are inexpensive and can be replaced by you

The DVC 1 pays off!

The DVC 1 pays off!

The spelt peeling and finishing center DVC 1 is completely wired and equipped with a 32A plug and can be put into operation immediately after positioning and connection to the exhaust line.

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