Oat crusher

The specialists for crushing all types of grain, maize and oil fruits. For small and mid-size breweries and grain processors.

Throughput up to 2,000 kg / h, 300 mm crushing roller, 50 kg hopper

Robust and compact, the oat crushers are suitable for home breweries, small and mid-size breweries and grain processors. Their high-performance industrial grade motors with attached motor protection switch provide for a long service life. The oat crushers are very quiet thanks to a V-belt drive.

Both rollers are driven by plastic gears and are made of hardened solid material. The crushing gap setting can be quickly adjusted using an eccentric so that processing can be optimally adapted to your product.

The oat crusher is delivered ready to plug in and can be taken into operation immediately. Low operating and maintenance costs ensure high profitability!



  • Large-dimensioned V-belt drive for safe and quiet operation
  • hardened rollers with a large diameter made of solid material
  • Strong polyamide double gear drive guarantees the best squeezing quality with low dust content and no noise
  • Separation of foreign bodies by means of a double bar magnet, easy to clean
  • optionally with frame, with wall bracket or without frame and without wall bracket

Available accessories

  • Electric inlet slide for automatic systems to start and stop automatically

For any questions concerning our oat crushers please do not hesitate to contact us at +49 7581 480990 or info(at)horn-technic.de